You are struggling to keep your shiz together, but your reactivity keeps hijacking your joy.
It seems like you have tried everything, and the issues feel bigger than you.
Come and learn how to be
full of life, love, vitality and peace.



modern moms need.


You are done with binging on Netflix and Target and Amazon Prime. Because you still cannot escape the voices in your head that says you are not good enough. 

It creates anger that gets released towards your kids...resentment that builds toward your husband...and makes running away to a remote Spanish village sound like a welcome escape...or maybe you'll have just another handful of chocolate chips.

You want to understand yourself, your mind, your heart, your EMOTIONS.  Your kids spaz out, act crazy and you are ALWAYS having to get after them.

You feel like you are failing at life, and worse...failing your kids.

Using the Emotion Code together we go deep, releasing a lifetime of suppressed emotions, trauma and conditioning to be the perfect girl, 

and we combine this with

Emotional Incite Coaching

to teach you how to move forward in the life you want to live.

Calm as a mother*

and without fear, guilt or shame.


After years as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I knew my clients needed more support after the relief of releasing trapped emotions. To live lives were they weren't repeating the same emotional patterns over and over again. Causing the same imbalances over and over again.  Hurting themselves and transferring those patterns to their kids.

 As an Emotional Incite Coach I offer the tools you need to help you align with who you really are, what you really want in life, a deep understanding of your emotions, and the confidence to choose. 

I specialize in emotional transformation to help moms create a home they love creating vitality, peace, and fulfillment. Healing their children as they heal themselves.



"She continues to assist me in my journey to mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship healing and health"

Suzanna is a very talented and in-tune healer.

 She has the ability to locate problems and get them resolved.

 She is committed to learning and fine tuning her skills. 

 She spends the necessary time to assist her clients in doing what is optimal for their health and well- being.

It has been my honor and privilege to get to know and work with Suzanna. She is very gifted at her craft.

 Suzanna is compassionate, committed and effective.

 I’ve been privilege to have Suzanna work on me and several members of my family. .She is one of the first people I reach out to if I have a need. She has found numerous things that other healers sand doctors weren’t able to find. She’s assisted and continues to assist me in my journey to mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship healing and health.

Nancy Henessy

My clients are accepted on a one on one basis, as I take them through a program tailored specifically to their needs.
To work with me, schedule a clarity call, this is a free, no obligation call to get you clear on what you want and what your next steps are going to be.