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I had always been taught to “try my faith”. Whether it was learning the lesson that your receive back the energy that you give, or that your thoughts and words have power to move mountains. They were taught simply through scripture and story, but eventually given practice. 

When I was 21 I was able to serve a mission in Brazil, teaching and being of service to the people. This was my first in-depth experience with seeking and understanding metaphysical guidance on a DAILY basis. While there my mission President gave a speech on the Power of Faith. The physical power that comes from seeking understanding, applying what your heart is taught, using your mind and words to bring about real change. It was simple enough back then.

Fast forward 8 years, when I was in the throws of chronic fatigue. My normally healthy and strong body was rebelling. After giving birth to three children it wouldn't be ignored anymore. It shut down, and when I wouldn't listen, it threw in major migraines, just to get the point across.

When modern medicine told me there was nothing wrong, I sought out help from a naturopath, who actively helped me and taught me about the healing power of food. With her expertise I was healed of the chronic fatigue in 6 months...but my body was still yelling at me that something was wrong. Weekly migraines we're still there.

During this time I was seeking. Seeking physical and metaphysical answers to physical and personal issues. I was seeking to be led to answers. I was brought to a modality of energy healing that was perfect for me. It was logical, it was spiritual, it addressed my imbalances, and ancestral trauma, but most of all, it healed me. 

Naturally, I had to learn it. As I went through the steps of learning this healing practice, I was shown over and over the way to really learn. It was the same way I had been taught my entire life. You seek, you understand, you practice, you experience, you know. 

For me this method has brought me to a knowledge of the ability our minds and spirits have to change physical reality. To so many that probably sounds really sci-fi.

We can ask the body, and the subconscious exactly what is causing pain or sickness, emotional turmoil or stress.

We can set the intention to change things at an atomic level and they will be changed.

Release emotion and it will be released. Fill with light and it will be filled.

This is my new reality. One that I would love to use to help you become the amazing light you were created to be.


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