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What is this program?

Family Fun

You have read all about positive parenting, have practice dealing with your own emotional issues, but you just can't seem to implement the change you want with your kids.

Lets create that change.

I take clients through an intensive 8 or 18 week coaching program that teaches them how to align themselves to what is most important, to their soul.

We use Emotion Code work to clear away past trauma and open the heart to receiving and giving love fully.

Then we dive in, to learning distinctions that increase awareness,

choice and ability to receive guidance.

This program allows women to determine where they want to grow,

what they want to achieve, and together we discover what is

keeping them from becoming who they want to be.

Through this program my clients have become mindful, present mothers,

tripled their monthly income, healed their own childhood trauma, and become CONFIDENT that their kids are going to be okay, because they have the tools, the emotional literacy and the guidance they need at all times.

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