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You want to create a new life for yourself and your family. 

 A life of vitality, of energy, fun, laughter and freedom.  

You want the health to hike with your kids, to swim, dance, travel and explore.


In doTerra, my team is dedicated to helping you change your life through implementing a holistic lifestyle and teaching others about holistic wellness. To support you physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.


Together we learn to use the “gifts of the earth” we have been given to support our bodies, to cleanse and nourish, to help us reconnect within to receive the guidance we need, and to teach us how to honor the cycles and seasons of life.


Essential oils have been essential in my evolution and are a staple in my family’s daily health and wellness practices. 


I invite you to contact me about how these small bottles can bless your life and your family. I invite you to decide today to build a business with doTerra and learn how you can bless the lives of others as you grow personally into the leader you were meant to be.

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I was introduced to essential oils when I was 21, and a missionary in Brazil.  

I had just finished 3 years studying Horticulture at BYU, hanging out with tree

huggers, moon followers, soil scientists and flower lovers.   When my dear friend explained to me what

essential oils were, I knew right away the power they would have.  All while I was in Brazil I thought about essential oils, looking for them in neighborhood pharmacies, but I never found what I thought I could trust as pure essential oils.


When I returned home close to 2 years later, I decided I wanted to take a natural route with my skin care, who up to that point had been doused with chemicals everyday that kept my face from breaking out and bleached my pillowcases… I started experimenting with natural cleansers, and bought my first essential oils. It was love at first smell.   Not only did the essential oils help me keep my hormonal acne at bay, they helped me dive deeper into living a nontoxic life and brought joy as I utilized these gifts of the earth for physical and mental health.


After I had my first two children I was in a position where I wanted to use essential oils routinely for my young family’s health and wellness.  I knew that sourcing and quality were the most important thing in aromatherapy. After studying different companies I joined DoTerra while living in New Mexico, and with the help of my upline Erika Butler rose to the rank of Elite in 6 months.


I use essential oils as natural medicine.  Some oils have powerful physical health benefits, and others have powerful mental health benefits.  I use essential oils with my children, my husband, pets and friends. The study of aromatherapy has enriched my life as i learn how to treat mild and chronic conditions for my own family.    







My team of amazing heart centered entreprenuers shares my love of natural health, and the love sharing the message, "There is a better way".  These beautiful women are serving others and allowing an additional stream of income to bless their families, and the families they share these gifts of the earth with. 


I love teaching about and sharing with others the gifts of the earth that we have been given for living a healthy life. If living a healthy, non toxic life is something that you are interested in learning, living and sharing with others, message me today and we can talk about how DoTerra Essential Oils can bless you and your family.

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