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Rise- healing the whole person

The work I do is complementary to medical doctors and therapists. Whereas medical doctors work to relieve symptoms and injury in the physical body, I work with the energetic body, helping the body heal faster, the spirit heal faster, and helping avoid catastrophic health events. . People come to me when they feel there is more to their condition than they are hearing from their doctors, sometimes when there is no available diagnosis, or the diagnosis is that they don't know what is causing their condition. Many have lost faith in the medication, or procedure they were told would be the only way they could heal. . By the time they come to see me they have gone to many specialists and they intuitively feel there is more that can be done, and there is more to be healed than just the symptoms. My clients don't have the time, or energy to be dealing with their condition for another 5+ years. They are seeking an alternative to medication that masks the symptoms of the inner imbalance. . I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I use kinesiology to discover the energetic roots of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance and blocks. Then, once identified, release them at an energetic and atomic level from your system. I do one on one sessions with people in person or from a distance. . Welcome! I pray you find the healing your body and soul need. . Sat nam

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