Well Armed in the Battle of Everyday Health

When my family gets sick, I bust out all the alternative/ integrative/ holistic remedies I know. The past two weeks we have been cycling through an illness. It was an upper respiratory, mainly in the face (nose, sinuses, and secondarily throat and lungs). I think we picked it up at the Aquarium two weeks ago. Mom's know things like that. A friend posted this article on her Facebook page, and I thought I would share how WE dealt with the virus/strep combo.

It started with my son, whose nose stuffed, ran, and fevered. He rested and felt better, but before he was better MOM got it. Holy moly, it treated me much worse than it treated him. My nose was inflamed, my sinuses quickly filled with fluid that it didn't want to express. Blowing my nose was pointless 90% of the time because of the inflammation. It was pretty miserable, but not life threatening.

I busted out my toolkit to see what my body needed. I also settled into a routine of muscle testing my body to clear any blockages to my body healing, to see what the culprit was, ect. My muscle testing showed me that it was two fold, a cold virus that was mutating rapidly, and a streptococcus bacteria. But it wasn't in my sinuses (yet), it was inflaming and swelling my lymph nodes in my face, near my sinuses and eyes. It felt like a full blown sinus infection, but wasn't. The strep was not yet in my sinuses.

Here are our top treatments for viral illnesses (all that we used with this round). None of which is probably supported by the FDA. I used most based on what our body's muscle tested that they needed.

1. Diffusing. Especially at night. This round of sickness tested that it needed Thyme essential oil, and Lavender essential oil. Every night I diffused those two plus some Breathe essential oil blend. Nights with nasal restriction are tough, especially for those of us who normally never breathe through our mouths at night. Keep a bottle of water handy too for all that dry mouth and dehydration. We have both this diffuser and this diffuser. Both are excellent, but the smaller has an 8 hr setting. Just saying.

2. On Guard+ Softgels combine the proprietary blend of doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend with Black Pepper, Oregano, and Melissa essential oils for additional immune support. We took 2-3 a day the day we muscle tested to need it. All of the oils it contains are super bug fighting, both viral and bacterial.

3. SInce my children are too young for these softgels, I applied Stronger essential oil blend and Thyme essential oil to the bottoms of their feet and Stronger to their lymph along the neck. I applied every 3-4 hours and right before bed. We used this pretty much every day.

4. Tinctures. I also busted out the herbal tinctures for my husband. I have a Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune Formula (not so great tasting, dilute in a shot of water), and Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-well (which does taste good). If you don't have a super tincture you can always take garlic bombs (lightly crush and swallow a garlic clove, or half a garlic clove if they are huge).

5. Smoothies. I didn't feel like cooking or eating most of the time while sick, so instead of just grabbing something not so immune boosting, I made smoothies for everyone. Bananas and wild blueberries are staples, and depending on mood i will add other fresh fruit I have on hand, red peppers, spinach or other green, cucumber, etc.

6. Homeopathics. When a certain symptom is really painful, I turn to homeopathics. This round it was a crazy pain behind the eyes (like sinus pain, but not from the sinuses, from the lymph). I used a Migriane formula that my body tested would help, and my husband needed ColdCalm.

7. Emotion Code work. I mentioned before that I took time to ground and muscle test myself, my children and my husband to figure out what we were dealing with (because some peoples bodies are stronger at fighting certain things, and weaker at fighting others), and figuring out what to treat with, and releasing any emotions and trauma that was hindering our bodies from healing, or our immune systems from functioning at 100%. If you are needing help with an illness and clearing any blocks to healing you can schedule a session with me here. If you are interested in learning more about how to do this work for yourself and your family, check out this offer here.

8. Sleep. Supporting your spouse, children and self with needed sleep and rest. It is hard as a mom, but just throw that mom guilt out the window (you don't need it anyway) and pop in a movie for those littles, make sure paint, scissors, glue and makeup are safely locked away, and rest.

Being armed with a cabinet full of body supporting natural medicinals is key to reducing the time and severity of any bug that comes into your family for a stay. Natural solutions help your body not just fight the bug, but helps your bodies immune system to get stronger. If someone in your family gets severely lethargic or spikes a high fever, please take them to the doctor. Watch for signs of dehydration, lethargy, monitor that fever. But for general sickness, be empowered to help your family. Every home needs a healer, and one in tune enough to know when you need a doctor (or hospital). Be that mom.

Learn how to use essential oils here. If you want to learn from me and with me, message me about becoming a doTerra Wellness Advocate and empowering yourself and others with the natural power of plants. I would love to help you and those you love.