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Weight Loss, Emotion Code, and Fascia

Today I picked up a book at our local bookstore, Pioneer Book, and normally something with this cover wouldn’t appeal to me, but when I read the title I was intrigued. It is titled The Cellulite Myth; It’s not Fat its Fascia, by Ashley Black and Joanna Hunt. Now, I had heard of Ashley Black and her invention of the Fascia Blaster. I have also know about the work of Dr. Ida Rolf whose myofascial release work has been proven to improve body function, AND release emotional baggage associated with the tightness. Both sound reeeeally painful to me. Needless to say, when flipping through the book, I took notice of her descriptions of different types of fascia, and pictures of different types of fascia, I knew I needed to take a better look.

I have been considered “thick” since I was little. I wasn’t “fat” per say, but I was never thin. “Big boned” I was called. I won’t go into how that translated as a teenager, you probably were there too. As an Emotion Code Practitioner, one of my ongoing projects was working on my “weight” or the fat on my body, my size, my deeply held beliefs about the size and shape of my body and making peace with all of me. During Emotion Code sessions I ask for the happiness, balance, and % function of body systems, organs, glands, brain, nervous system, skeletal body, chakras, meridians. Sometimes practitioners working on themselves are too emotionally invested in the results of personal work and therefore have a hard time really getting to the root of what is going on. This is also why it is so important for practitioners and clients to remain in neutral, happy places while sessions are going on. When working on myself I began to run out of questions to ask. Was my body ready, willing and able to release fat? Weight? Size? Was my body holding spiritual or emotional weight? Subconcious beliefs? Core limiting beliefs? Digestion? All were in fairly good working order, but I was still, my all common standards fat and overweight.

So in sitting down and reading this book I realize, when I am asking about fat in my body, I should probably be asking about fascia. It is the fascia that we see when we see cellulite, it is fascia that has developed in my thighs causing them to look fat. Belly hanging out? Fascia. Sure there may be some fat there as well, but most is fascia. She talks about the 4 types of fascia, structural (outer layer, referred to as the ace bandage whose connections cause a dimpled effect), interstructural ( thin webbing that cause muscle “knots” and lactic acid build up), visceral (referred to as the goopy fascia, whose damage causes postpartum bellies and tightness beer bellies), and spinal fascia (which is known as the layers of membrane that surround the spinal cord and brain). It is a mixture of distorted fascia layers that cause thickness, dimpling, and other types of cellulite. The fascia as it builds up affects blood circulation, nerve function, muscles ability to stretch, relax and contract, spine and joint function, and brain stress and tightness.

When looking at the fascia issue from an Emotion Code perspective, the imbalances in the fascia are caused by energetic imbalances in the body. Trapped emotions, are the main culprit for these energetic imbalances, but they can be caused by other things like inherited trauma, toxins, pathogens, etc. As we clear the energetic imbalances the fascia will release and become healthy fascia. The thickness of fascia will decrease and it will glide smoothly over the muscles. Fascia is another signal in our physical body that something deeper needs to be healed.

Some parameters to look at when doing an Emotion Code session working on fascia are these:

What is the % of healthy fascia in the body?

What is the % of fascia on the body that is over the ideal amount of fascia?

Is there distorted fascia on the body? What % of fascia on the body is distorted?

Is there any imbalance in the fascia of the body, spinal cord, brain?

Is there an imbalance in the layers of fascia on the body?

Is there an imbalance in the structural, interstructural, visceral, or spinal fascia?

What is the % imbalance of each of the types?

Is there a layer of white fat on the body that can be released?

Is there a layer of white fat that cannot be released? Why (or what needs to be released first)?

Is there fat in the fascia layers that can be released?

Is there fat in the fascia layers that cannot be released?

Is there fat being stored on the body?

Is there water being stored on the body?

Is there fluid being stored on the body?

What have you found successful in helping people release weight, fat and balance fascia? If you would like help with breaking through your blocks to weight loss, cellulite or emotional eating, schedule an appointment here.

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